10 Fun Facts About Deep Creek Lake

Discover why Deep Creek Lake is a must-visit!

10 Fun Facts About Deep Creek Lake

Located in the picturesque landscapes of Maryland, Deep Creek Lake is more than just a body of water - it's a haven of natural wonders and recreational delights. Join us on a journey to uncover 10 fun facts about this gem of a destination.

How Big Is Deep Creek Lake?

The lake is 65 miles of shoreline and covers 3,900 acres. That makes it Maryland's largest freshwater lake. The average depth is about 26 feet. The deepest point is 72 feet.

What Are Some Deep Creek Lake Activities?

There are almost too many to list! Outdoor recreation includes boating, swimming, fishing hiking, skiing, snow tubing, sledding, cross-country skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, white water rafting, golf, biking, wakeboarding, ziplines and much more.

More leisurely options include antique shops, a movie theatre, museums, historic sites, restaurants, specialty stores, farmer's markets and simply enjoying the view.

Does The Deep Creek Lake Area Get A Lot Of Snow?

Annually, the area receives an average of 116 inches of snow.

What Is The Average Temperature?

People from the Baltimore/Washington area love escaping to our mountains because it is usually about 10 degrees cooler here. During the summer months, temperatures average around 75 degrees. In the winter, the average is about 30 degrees.

Are There Public Parks In The Area?

There are 8 state forests and parks: Swallow Falls State Park, Deep Creek Lake State Park, Sang Run State Park, Herrington Manor State Park, Wolf Den Run State Park, Big Run State Park and Casselman River Bridge State Park. Garrett County has more than 90,000 acres of public land.

Where Is Deep Creek Lake?

Deep Creek Lake is only a few hours from many metropolitan areas. Distances include: 

Baltimore - 177 miles

Washington DC - 161 miles

Pittsburgh - 96 miles

Cleveland - 255 miles

Philidelphia - 282 miles

Richmond - 224 miles

New York - 355 miles

What Are Some Things To Do At Wisp Resort?

Wisp Resort is a four-season resort with something for everyone. During the winter months, you can ski, snow tube or cross-country ski. Throughout the rest of the year there are tons of options from mild to extreme. Those include: riding the mountain coaster, ziplines, gem mining for kids, scenic chairlift ridges, summer concerts, mountain biking, disc golf, escape games and segway tours. Plus, they offer pontoon boat tours. Wisp also rents kayaks, canoes and paddle boards at Deep Creek Lake State Park or you can have them delivered to your vacation rental home.

Are There Opportunities To Invest In Deep Creek Lake Real Estate?

Whether you are looking for a primary residence, second home or investment property, the Deep Creek Lake real estate market is brimming with opportunity. Amazing scenery, four seasons of activities, a beautiful lake and a popular ski resort within driving distance of major cities make it both unique and desirable.

Start your search for Deep Creek Lake real estate now.

How Soon Can I Take A Deep Creek Lake Vacation?

The choice is yours! You can find your perfect vacation rental home right now. Head to our homepage to search your next rental!