Swallow Falls State Park~ A Must See!

Verdant hiking trails & the largest waterfall in Maryland!

Swallow Falls State Park~ A Must See!

Seeking all outdoor enthusiasts!

One of the most popular activities to do in the area in the fall is hiking at one of the many state parks. A fan favorite place for hiking is Swallow Falls State Park!

You'll be awestruck at the sight of the largest waterfall in the state of Maryland. With a 53-foot fall, Muddy Creek Falls is awe-inspiring The Youghiogheny River flows through the park's borders creating rippling rapids, all of which creates a phenomenal landscape.

The 1 ¼ mile walking trail winds around the park allowing guests to see Swallow Falls while hiking through the vibrant foliage.

For those that have limited walking ability, there is a wheelchair access in the park and a ramp that leads down to the top of Muddy Creek Falls. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of the picnic tables at the park.

Dogs are permitted in the park from Labor Day to Memorial Day which makes it the perfect place to exercise your furry best friendly (please be sure to obey the leash law though).

It truly is an exquisite place to visit and see so check it out the next time you are in town!