Victorian Chautauqua Family Friendly Event In Deep Creek Lake

History, Music, Artisans, And More

Victorian Chautauqua Family Friendly Event In Deep Creek Lake

History of the Victorian Chautauqua

In 1874, a Methodist resort was founded in Chautauqua, New York. That is where the term originated. The goal was to provide faith-based learning along with cultural exposure. Lectures and classes were offered to Victorian vacationers throughout the summer months. The natural setting led to the addition of outdoor recreation.

As the event grew in popularity, the second Chautauqua in the United States was founded as Mountain Lake Park in Garrett County. Its location along the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad made it ideal. A small group of ministers and businessmen started with 800 acres for the proposed resort. At its peak, it included an open-air theater, an assembly hall, clay tennis courts, and more than fifty summer cottages dating back to 1882. Vacationers flocked to the mountains to escape the summer heat. The location hosted many notable lecturers including, Mark Twain, William Jennings Bryan, and President Taft.

The 2024 Victorian Chautauqua

Taking place July 6th and 7th, the modern event will include many traditional Chautauqua events and activities. Between performances, there will be organized activities for kids. They include make ‘n’ take, face painting, and playtime with bubbles. Numerous artists will be on hand as well.

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